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What brand of shirts does Phox T's use? We currently use AlStyle and Gildan brand of t-shirts. We use styles AlStyle 1301, 1302, 1309, 1901, 3381, 5301, Gilden 5000L, Fruit of the Loom, and others. For more information about the brand, see their website at and Are all the shirts pre-treated? Not all of our shirts require pre-treatment. Darker color shirts with specific designs do require an underbase to ensure the design will last longer and not wash off. The pre-treatment area is the size of our printing area and easily washes off after the first wash. Customers should receive a notice inside the package if the pre-treatment is highly visible. This area could look like a large transparent, or translucent, square or rectangle. The pre-treated area is a non-toxic water based coating that helps your design last as long as possible.